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Thank you One80 Salon!

One of the perks, and burdens, of the privilege of being on T.V. is always having to be "hair and make-up ready." I am so fortunate to have my friend Tunisia Williams to do my make-up for me over the years. Even when she isn't able to be with me for a television segment, after seven years under her make-up brushes I have learned enough where I won't embarrass myself.

In addition to the make-up, there is the constant fight over my hair. To say it is thick would be the understatement of the year. Literally every person I know tells me, "Your hair is SO THICK!!!!" Yep. I got it. When I wash and style my own hair, it takes me just under two hours to do it. The washing itself takes about 15-20 minutes because there is just so much of it. Sometimes I will stop and think about how much I want to chop it all off, but it's really beautiful when it is styled. (Also, it's so much easier to put up in a bun or ponytail when it is really long.)

In order to get my hair t.v. ready, I let it air-dry a bit before I go through with a blow dryer to dry it completely straight. Products include Amika, Oribe, this cool new company based in Austin called Verb (but I only use the volume spray as I don't really like the other stuff) and a lot of Tresamme hairspray I buy at CVS. AFter it's completely dry, I roll my hair in various sized of velcro rollers; afterwards it's curled with actual hot rollers; allowed to set while I apply make-up; and then I go back through my hair with a curling iron.

After twenty years of this, I have the system down pat, but this is also the reason why I only do my hair once-a-week!! The drama is too much work.

Thankfully, into the process are my good friends at One80 Salon. Lydia has been cutting my hair for a while and for $105 she makes my hair look impeccable. I usually try and time the t.v. segments around when I can come in to see her. For those who think $105 is too much to pay for a haircut, just think that every single day people look at your hair. You may not wear the same outfit, or the same shoes, you may not even wear the same winter coat, however people will always look at your hair. So I divide the cost of the haircut by 60 days and it's cheaper than a cup of coffee!! Also, many thanks to Peter at One80 Salon for giving me a great color. He is so focused on details and brings you the right shade. I personally like my hair "darker than your soul," but he has wisely counseled me to color my hair for what it will look like when it grows out. So lovely!

Can't wait to get back there and see Lydia and Peter again really soon! You can book your appointments online here: http://one80salon.com/.


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