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The Dewberry Charleston, an exceptional hotel

Charleston, South Carolina has perennially won "the best of" one category or another ever since I can remember. Travel and Leisure picked it as one of their top cities (see generally here: http://www.travelandleisure.com/worlds-best/cities), and then just yesterday Southern Living Magazine picked it as its favorite southern city. As for me, I hadn't been back to Charleston since the 2008 presidential race and it was so nice to finally get back for a nice quick vacation without having to work 20 hour days!

Charleston is, conveniently enough, a super easy and direct 80 minute flight from Washington, D.C. In fact, the trip was so easy I told the Charleston Tourism Board I would seriously consider buying a weekend house in Charleston! And the ride from the airport to The Dewberry Charleston, my exceptional hotel for the weekend, was an equally efficient 17 minutes.

Speaking of The Dewberry Hotel, it has to be one of my favorite hotels in the United States right now. A former GSA, aka government owned, building dedicated by President Lyndon B. Johnson, The Dewberry was converted into a hotel over the course of ten years. Design of The Dewberry Charleston is decidedly "Southern Modernism," as explained by the architects WORKSTEAD. "Key Collaborators included the Urban Electric Company, Lawson Fenning, Specialty Woodworks, Becca Barnett, Peyton Averett, and numerous other local and regional craftsmen."

My photos of the hotel do not do it any justice -- nor does it capture the magnificent signature scent of the hotel -- but you are immediately struck when you walk in with the beauty of the decor. I absolutely loved it, and since I am house-hunting, I looked at every piece with the mindset of "How can I buy this?," ha!

In particular, I absolutely loved the spa! LOVED LOVED LOVED. They are so cute to have sent me a thank you gift for experiencing one of the best massages I have gotten in my life, plus the staff is so friendly and helpful.

I'll have more to write just on the food program (again one of the best I have eaten in the U.S.) but it goes without saying I will be back! (PHOTO BELOW: me in my Charleston fashions pictured in the door to the spa at dinner-time)

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