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Countdown to my birthday trip to Santorini, Greece!

The photo above is from the penultimate Santorini luxury hotel Canaves Oia. As I was staring at it this morning, I marveled at how lucky I am to be spending my XX birthday there (not telling you my real age, ha!) in five short weeks. It's a trip I have been planning ever since I began my career as a full-time travel writer. By this I mean, one of my good guy friends told me "You should save a spot or two so you can share the memory of this place with someone special," and, as I accepted trips around the world over the last three years, I always kept Santorini off-the-list because I wanted to go with someone special there. Now, I don't know if this is going to happen for me, aka experience Santorini with a man I love, but I realized 2018 *is* a special year for me so I decided to do it. After all, what is more special than to look out at THIS on my birthday.

So this is what I am going to do -- sorry not sorry Jordan! ;-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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