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Skiing Black Diamonds at Lake Tahoe's Northstar California Resort

Yesterday I had an inconceivably fantastic day skiing Lake Tahoe for the first time. The Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe has a literal ski-in, ski-out experience on the Northstar California, so it is ridiculously easy to get kitted for ski equipment (TrueNorth is right next to the in-house Ritz Carlton coffee shop so you don't even have to step outside) and then step onto the snow.

In the morning, after I got my ski gear, I decided to get out onto the slopes by myself but had no idea where I was going. After changing into my ski clothes, I asked a Ritz Carlton employee where I go to ski, aka which lifts I should take and which runs are best for my level of skier. He wasn't sure as his main responsibility was to concierge the equipment; however, he directed me to two gentlemen, one of whom was beyond gracious to me and actually took me out on a 2-3 hour private ski lesson for fun. WOW. LUCKY ME!!! Turns out Guy Manville actually is in charge of all ski instructors so I really, truly LUCKED out. Guy was so incredibly patient with me and taught me how to pick up more speed, work on my form (always have a desire to work on my form) as well as do a 360.

I thought, after my great morning of skiing with Guy, my day couldn't get any better, but it did! After lunch, the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe arranged for us intermediate and advance skiers to ski with two Olympians: Billy Kidd and Tamara McKinney. I'm not sure what I thought skiing with Olympians would be like, but Billy and Tamara were both so genuinely interested in helping me become the best skier I could be. Generally speaking, for me, I see skiing a bit fearfully. I ski defensively because I am (1) afraid to fall and (2) I am afraid to fall because I may break a bone. Billy and Tamara (as well as Guy earlier in the day) helped me to have confidence and not over-think. "SMILE!" and just "focus on skiing at YOUR speed."

With their assistance, I not only skied the best I have ever skied in my life, but I also skied not one but TWO Diamond Blacks! Now, for those of you who don't ski, Diamond Blacks are the hardest slopes to ski and I made it down both of them without falling. That's right!! W-I-T-H-O-U-T falling! WHOO-HOO!! When I got off the trail, I was so amped and the second Diamond Black I skied even more confidently than the first. Very exciting.

So many thanks to Guy, Billy and Tamara for making my ski day out-of-this-world. Also, if you have never skied Lake Tahoe, then I highly recommend you come stay at the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe and give yourself a few days out on the Northstar California course. More information about skiing here: https://www.northstarcalifornia.com/.

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