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Tower Wing at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Last week I had the great pleasure of traveling to Singapore as a guest of Singapore Airlines (more on the airline later), as well as Shangri-La Singapore. Though I merely had 36 hours on-the-ground, I was able to see a lot of this island country, as well as do plenty of exploring of my hotel -- the view from the photo above was taken from my room inside Shangri-La Singapore's Tower Wing.

The hotel is a fast 20 minute ride from the airport and, even with some of the airport fees, did not cost more than $26 during rush hour traffic. When I arrived at the hotel, I was immediately greeted by several helpful and friendly staff before walking into this awe-inspiring lobby (pictured above). Designed to create a feeling of a "sanctuary" -- the hotel's theme is "When a sanctuary arises and a city disappears" -- the hotel really does feel like an oasis from the rising concrete jungle which is Singapore.

I dropped my carry-on and purse in my room before walking around to the explore the property. It is an immense property, feeling much larger than the 15 acres it actually is, and despite the modernity of the lobby and the Tower Wing, each of the various areas of the hotel had it's own feel to it thus infusing the hotel with a symmetry between old and new.

Since it was cold and snowy where I live in Washington, D.C., I headed straight for the pool. Even at 8:30 in the morning, the pool area seemed to me the most popular spot in the Shangri-La Singapore. Kids were already splashing about and there was an exercise class going-on. Plus, surrounding the pool, people were sitting throughout one of the many food-and-beverage options for the hotel, anchored by the Garden Wing of the Shangri-La Singapore.

Even though I had eaten more than my fair share of food on my Singapore Airlines flight, I had the terribly healthy breakfast of a latte, a donut and a muffin (DON'T KILL ME MOM!!), but what I noticed about the benefit of staying in the Tower Wing (as opposed to the other two wings of the hotel, the aforementioned Garden Wing or the prestigious Valley Wing, which is where the President of China stayed when he was just in Singapore) is you do get access to the Horizon Club.

For me, it is utterly worth it to pay a few more dollars to get this privilege.

With the Horizon Lounge privilege, not only do you get access to the highest floor of the hotel, providing 280 degree views of Singapore, but you also get complimentary breakfast, tea service, canapes (which you can actually turn into a full meal) and cocktails, plus unlimited coffee/tea/soda/water. I ate almost every one of my meals in Singapore at the Horizon Club and, despite my gluttony (the photo above is one of my actual breakfasts), I managed to lose weight because everything is so healthy and fresh.

Plus, you also can get Asian options for breakfast (photo above), as well as just basic go-to's like cheese (photo below).

In fact, I did not know until I got there but the Shangri-La Hong Kong's two Michelin star chef had actually moved to this property and was attempting to bring this hotel's restaurants to Michelin level. Very cool! I definitely want to go back because I missed out on the chance to eat a Snow Steak, a steak aged in snow like a Wagyu is aged, at the just opened in December Origin Grill.

I did eat at other venues beyond the Horizon Club Lounge such as the lunch buffet at The Lobby Lounge. The meal was incredibly tasty, which surprised me since I don't think buffets are all-that-good. Of course, I got a Singapore Sling to accompany the deliciously affordable buffet and I am so glad I did. After all ... if you are going to be in the country which invented a cocktail, you might as well drink it!

Overall, I had a great time at the hotel and certainly would highly recommend it to anyone who visits Singapore.


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