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Singapore Airlines: Business Class service from JFK to Singapore

I am on the back end of my amazing trip across the world with Singapore Airlines. It's 10:04 pm at Singapore Changi Airport, where I have just landed from Sydney, Australia (a city/continent I was in for a mere 36 hours). Basically, since this past Saturday, my body has been sling-shot from Washington, D.C. to New York City to Frankfurt to Singapore to Sydney and now back. All within six, theoretical, days -- I say theoretical because Singapore is 12 hours ahead of D.C. and Sydney is 15 hours ahead. Whew! Thank goodness the flights have been business class -- with the Singapore to Sydney leg in their brand-new "Suite Class," a step above the First Class service. Separate review on that soon.

As for my review of Singapore Airlines Business Class, what can I say about it which hasn't been already said? Actually, you should definitely check out my friend Sam Chui's YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/N178UA. I wish I were half-as-good at capturing videos as he is!

But back to my thoughts. One fascinating tidbit about Singapore Airlines' business class, which I never knew prior to boarding, is due to the popularity of the airline's business class service the entire upper deck of the A380 is business class. Literally. The entire thing! I have never been on a plane with 100 rows of business class seating but there you have it.

As for the actual service, the airline basically thought of each of your travel needs when configuring each business class compartment, particularly if you know in advance to grab one of the windowed seats before you even take off. There are two storage bins on the side of the windowed seat where you can place your purse or laptop bag, with another compartment just for a sweater or shoes. I was able to fit my laptop, several books, all of my miscellaneous travel gear with room to spare.

As for the seats, ugh this photo above is absolutely terrible, and does not do the airline any justice to the fact the seat could fit two of me. Seriously the seats are 34-inches wide, and they lay down into a really comfortable flat bed. Plus, they give you two pillows and a thick blanket. See generally: http://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/flying-withus/cabins/business-class/business-class/.

As for the entertainment system, "KrisWorld" is the name of the system and there is an absolute glut of options. Additionally, the various compartments on the left and right of the 15.4 inch television screen have space for (1) eyeglasses; (2) phone; (3) a place to hold a drink; and (4) various plugs for at least two devices, most likely your laptop and phone. Very convenient and easy to use. You can find out more about KrisWorld here: http://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/flying-withus/entertainment/.

Since I boarded the flight later in the day for a true over-night sleeping experience, I didn't actually eat very much food. I know! It's a real problem when you are responsible for reviewing airlines that you don't actually eat everything on the menu ... someone once suggested to me I just order the food, take a photo, take one bite and be done with it, but I was too quick to retort, "What about the starving children of the world!?!" However, I have been making a serious effort to, at the very minimum, take a few bites of whatever is on the menu, but only on this one flight since Singapore Airlines has a truly special food program.

You can find all the information about the extensive food options here: http://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/flying-withus/dining/book-the-cook/. I have to say the Asian options were pretty good but I literally was so stuffed from the Lounge I didn't get a real taste of what was being offered to me; however, I can say with alacrity the breakfast is phenomenally tasty! I must have eaten about half-a-dozen of Singapore Airlines' pastries on my various flights the last few days -- I, also, have eaten a bunch of cheese, fruit, nuts and drank several glasses of champagne and Reisling. Apparently, I am on some random diet and all is very tasty.

One fun tidbit. This wasn't on the flight but I found it in Frankfurt. Hysterical! I've not seen this in the U.S. and almost bought one, but then I realized how insane it would be to drink this much sugar before a 12 hour, 15 minute flight from Frankfurt to Singapore when I really needed to sleep!

Before I forget. In addition to the phenomenal physical experience, the staff onboard the airline is flawless. They are so friendly, all-the-time, and they are happy to serve you, thinking of your every need and desire. For instance, I mentioned at the start of the flight that I wanted an Equal for my coffee and then, for the rest of the flight, they brought me an Equal with everything. On another occasion, I basically got onboard and passed-out, sleeping darn near six hours. When I woke up, the staff immediately tried to get food in me. When I asked just for cheese and fruit (again with this crazy "diet"), they brought me enough cheese and fruit to feed my entire row.


I consistently received this quality of service no matter what leg of my flight, and I have to say it was really nice to be catered to with impeccable service. While I don't always fly business class, no matter what class you fly it's always beautiful and refreshing when the people onboard treat you so well. I am incredibly grateful for this and to Singapore Airlines for the lovely business class flight(s).


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