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My favorite go-to restaurant in DC: Tiger Fork

One of my favorite go-to restaurants in Washington, D.C. is Tiger Fork. This Hong Kong "street" food-style restaurant is a true treasure and I can not recommend it enough. I will pop by for brunch, a casual drink or a full meal.

This weekend I sat at the Chef's Counter where Sydney provided me tremendous service. The photo above is of his note book of server notes. Really so awesome that I had to take a photo!

As a starter, I enjoyed the Chairman's Clams though I usually get the Pork Ribs (you must order the Pork Ribs). I don't like clams but I took Sydney's advice and am glad I did. Very tasty dish, without being super filling; however. I wish I was told the sauce inside the clams was different and can become highly diluted, by the broth. While both the inside-the-clam sauce as well as the broth were spicy, the thicker texture inside the claims had a nice sweet cut to the spice whereas the broth was rather bland.

As a pro move, be sure to add a side of rice to soak up as much of the broth as possible.

As for the entree, I only get one thing and that is the Beef Chow Foon. I definitely think it is the best chow foon in Washington, D.C. You should also try the Fried Rice. Full menu for dinner here: http://www.tigerforkdc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/tigerforkdc_menu_081217.pdf.

Another fun treat is the Bubble Waffle dessert. A too-thick waffle bowl is made and filled with several scoops of ice cream. Nothing in the photo below is made in-house except for the coconut pieces; however, it was all tasty. Now, the photo below does not do the size any justice but you can kind of tell how massive it is by my empty drink glass in the background, near right.

I'm headed back later this week for drinks and will be sure to report back just on the bevy's!


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