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Thank you Obermeyer for my Christmas gift!

Since 2015, when I pivoted to become a full-time food-and-travel writer, Obermeyer has consistently gone out-of-their way to kit me up for the winter season. In December of that year, I had not one but two amazing outfits for my once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica and Patagonia.

PHOTO: Me at DCA en route to Argentina to board Seaborn's 4 1/2 week Antarctica & Patagonia cruise

PHOTO: At the top of Antarctica in Obermeyer ski pants and Obermeyer turtleneck

In fact, Obermeyer ski clothes are so warm and toasty, I didn't even need the overcoat while I was in Antarctica -- how crazy is that? No overcoat in Antarctica!! Whenever I tell people I went to Antarctica, I show them the photo above to let them know it's not that cold there, leaving my friends incredulous.

PHOTO: Awkward selfie with South Georgia's Cook Islands behind me on a rare clear day

The following year, in 2016, I took the Obermeyer gear with me on all my ski trips including a great one to Vail. Phenomenal fresh power and snow created lasting memories so good I actually booked a personal trip back to Vail in 2018 -- which I can't wait to take my new Blythe jacket on.

PHOTO: Me posing in Vail, Colorado in 2016

In 2017, I didn't go on hardly any trips to cold weather spots so this is why I am even more excited for the 2018 ski season. No doubt, I will again be left toasty and warm, regardless of any "black out"-type ski weather, through Obermeyer's famous HydroBlock® Sport 10,000mm waterproof/breathable technology with 700 Fill Power Duck Down insulation.

Thank you again to the great Molly Early at Team Obermeyer! Merry Christmas!!


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