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ABC WJLA - Washington, D.C.


ABC WJLA in the Washington, D.C. market has 1,000,000 viewers and another 2.5 to 3 million viewers online.  I appear once-a-month to discuss travel and food related stories on the hit morning show "Let's Talk Live."

Best Exotic Getaways Around the World


Air Date August 18, 2015


Link to Video (segment begins at 5:50 and ends at 13:18):


Best Fall Food Festivals in D.C.


Air Date September 16, 2015


Link to Video (segment begins at 6:40 and ends at 11:35):


Travel Somewhere New For 

New Year's Eve


Air Date December 21, 2015


Link to video:

Travel without checking a bag 

Air Date August 3, 2017



Top vacation destinations for girls trip 

Air Date July 6, 2017



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